All About Art Yarns
with Elinor Crosby, Uberwench

Date: Thursday & Friday, Aug 22nd & 23rd (2 day workshop)

Time:  10am to 3pm each day

Location:  Tatamagouche

Fee: $115 ($95+ $20 material fee)

Learn techniques to create imaginative and inspiring yarns, from boucle, to beads, feathers, locks, slubs, bumps, coils, auto-wrapping, wrapped core yarns, and more.

You will also learn how to build art yarn batts using different techniques on a drum carder and a blending board.  Each day we will discuss inspiration and pushing the limits of what your yarns can do and be.

Supplies for each technique will be provided.  Please prepare for class by bringing about 100 yards of singles, either spun yourself or commercially.  Bring any materials you're curious about trying to spin into a yarn to spark discussion and experimentation.  Bring a notebook to learn the rules, and then we'll break them!