Explorations in Fibre Art with
Christine Johnson

Date: Thursday & Friday, Aug 22nd & 23rd (2 day workshop)

Time:  9am to 4pm each day

Location:  Tatamagouche

Fee: $200 ($175+ $25 material fee)

This two-day workshop is focused time to discern an art project, develop the concept and make a hands-on plan to bring your idea to fruition.

Playing with fibre options (either materials or techniques) will be part of a hands-on approach to experimentation and documentation.

By creating samples, and maquettes, you will work on your own project, but will also gather together to offer feedback and support to others.

By learning together, we can share ideas on the path toward expressing our ideas in fibre.  You'll leave this workshop with a concrete plan to complete your artwork. 

The workshop will be divided into four parts:  

1.  Discernment: What do you want to say?  

2.  Experimentation: How do you want to say it?  

3.  Criticism/Feedback:  What are we seeing?  How can we make it better?  

4.  Creation:  What's your plan?

No experience necessary.  Just an interest in creating fibre arts.