Finding the Fleece for You!

How to evaluate raw wool fleeces for purchase.

Date:  Thursday August 22nd

Time:  1pm to 4pm

Location:  Tatamagouche

Fee: $55

This workshop will focus on learning the criteria for evaluating raw wool fleeces for use in handspinning or other fiber arts. Using presentations and hands-on fleece evaluation, we will evaluate fleeces of several types and demonstrate proper handling, skirting and presentation of fleeces. 


This workshop will benefit fiber artists who want to know how to judge a fleece for their purpose, and also wool producers who wish to learn what buyers are looking for and how to best present their fleeces for potential sales.


This workshop is designed for those who have:

  1. An interest in learning how to evaluate wool fleeces for handspinning or other fiber arts, or

  2. An interest in producing and selling wool fleeces to the handspinner/fiber artist markets.