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Faith & Wooly Hill

Faith is the catalyst behind Sisterhood Fibres.


She is the dreamer and the organizer. But readily admits that without her talented and generous Sisters – there would be no Sisterhood Fibres. Faith’s fibre addiction began at 5 years old when her grandmother, visiting from England, taught her to knit. 


In her late fifties Faith convinced her husband to move to the country (against his better judgement), sold her marketing agency (after 25 years) and launched Sisterhood Fibres at their new home, affectionately called Wooly Hill.


She plans to spin yarn and feel the love on Wooly Hill for the rest of her days.

Claire Drinnan

Cape Breton Island born and raised, Claire has a deep love and appreciation for wool and its incredible versatility.


She teaches weaving and spinning, produces homespun art yarn, and felts with a strong focus on locally grown fibres.  Oh, and she repurposes neck ties, doilies and seat belts into bags and garments.  Check out the wonders of Claire at

Anne Houstoun

Anne dabbles in knitting and spinning and has been known to buy and wash the odd fleece.  But her real passion is weaving - discovered when Sister Claire introduced her to a loom over a glass of wine.  A veteran of the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, rarely does she miss volunteering at a Sisterhood event


Laverne is a self-confessed sisterhood groupie.  Mention road trip and she will follow singing “ on the road again "  to find those great fleeces !
 Laverne is the poster child for Sisterhood.  To meet her is love her.
Do yourself a favour.  Look for her at Sisterhood events and strike up a conversation.

Gwen Houstoun

Not only is Gwen a serial and accomplished knitter, she is a research aficionado.  Most of the fibre links and information you enjoy on the Sisterhood Facebook page were Gwen’s finds.  And yes, that is her smiling face you see behind the booth at Sisterhood events. 

Katherine Sharpe

A maker, a dabbler, a studio experimenter who has been happily creating for the last 35 years.  Katherine enjoys the tranquility that creating with wool and textiles brings.  Working with natural materials is a priority and she loves a design where the integrity of nature is still evident.  

Dawn Miller

Dawn attended a Sisterhood Fibres open house hoping to learn about rug hooking.  Instead, she sat down at a loom and fell in love with the feel of the fabric and the movement of the shuttle.  She continues her weaving journey while dabbling in other crafts and looks forward to the many lessons to come from farm to fabric. 

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567 Sand Point Road
Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia

Phone: 902.483.3715

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