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Proud supplier of Ashford Wheels & Looms

The Sisterhood Shop & Studio at Wooly Hill

Hand Spinning • Weaving • Felting • Knitting • Workshops and Events • Supplies and Equipment
Shop Hours:
Wednesday to Sunday
10am to 4pm
Can't come while we're open? Simply make an appointment by emailing info@sisterhoodfibres.comThe Sisterhood Online Shop is open 24/7. Start planning your next project! Shipping and curbside pickup are available.

See you soon Sister!

All the peace, love and fibre

Drop by the Sisterhood Studio overlooking Tatamagouche Bay to chat fibre, browse the shop, and enjoy the decks, gardens, and to take a little Woolly Wander around the property.


The shop offers a variety of spinning, weaving, and felting supplies including wheels, looms, and other handy items. We offer many different fibres in natural and dyed colours. 


Lots of yarn - from a flock across the bay to sheep around the world.  Handspun and milled.

We've also got lots of sheepy treasures - soap, buttons, and cards in stock too!


Want a custom workshop or retreat for you & your friends?

We're more than happy to organize a weaving, spinning, felting, dyeing, fleece washing (you name it!) workshop/retreat.


Talk to us and let's make it happen!

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